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Slow cooked Tomato Chicken

chicken dish.PNGThis Recipe is the most handy for me when it comes to prepping and just me being plain lazy to cook, as when I do make it. I make a big batch, and it will almost last me for the next 4 days! Instead of me having to think about what to eat all the time, all i have to do is just pop it in the microwave and add some veggies or mash and VOILA!!

Going to be VERY honest with yous, but I’m not a big fan of Chicken anymore, as ever since my early days of dieting, I literally ate Chicken EVERY SINGLE DAY. It has put me off it just a little. It’s a shame really because Chicken is actually the best source of protein to get in you!.  This recipe has got me loving it again! When it comes to my foods, the only way for me to stick my diet is if the meal is well flavoured, juicy and easy to make #LAZYCOOK.

Super Easy to make and amazing for those on a Low carb diet, and If you aren’t low carb you can just choose to add some good sources of Carbs to pair with this chicken dish.

Tomato Chicken Recipe!

With this, you will need a slow cooker! If you don’t have one just pop into Asda and get a cheap one for £14. Its definitely Worth the money, if your going to be making some healthy eating gains.


4 Chicken Breasts

One jar of tomato  pasta sauce. (Asda’s good and counted is great as its low in fat and carbs)

One Cube of beef stock

finely sliced Onions

Finely Sliced Mushrooms

Spinach ( as mush as your heart desires)




 1 Tbsp Korean Hot pepper paste ( if you want it with a kick)

Super simple to cook!

Just plonk everything into the slow cooker, with the chicken at the bottom, season with salt and pepper.

add everything else in

then add water into the pot till its full!

pop it into low heat for either 8 hours or medium heat for 3 – 4 hrs


I personally find that the low heat for 8-10 hrs is the beast for that chicken to literally melt. But it is your choice!

Great for those who are thinking about shedding some fluff on some areas of their body as summer is just around the corner.


Enjoy guys!







What is Glute Activation?

Have you ever wondered to yourself why you haven’t made as much booty gains as you anticipated to? Well maybe you have what we call a sleepy butt and need some Glute activation in your life to get them fired up to build some bootilicious muscles!

What is Glute Activation ?

Alot of us girls suffer what we call Sleepy Butt Syndrome, SBS. Because for most of us girls, even the active ones, our glutes have this main function to just sleep as it thinks that the only purpose for it is to help you sit down. So whenever we try to target our glute muscles in focused glute exercises you will find that the strain in that exercise will actually make you compensate to use other muscles to fire the workout and not the glutes itself because its too lazy…

So glute activation is a series of warm up exercises before any leg/ Glute driven day to fully activate them to give yourself the maximum growth benefits


instaimage_22.pngI can tell you, this is me all over. I cannot tell you how hard it has been to even make the slightest of gains on my booty. I’ve kind of always had a long flat bum, comes from my mother because hers was identical to mine. I had a SBS because no matter how hard/ how many times I worked those glutes and prayed for


them to grow, they just didn’t seem to budge!! Hence the picture on the right. 2016.  Yup! That’s 2 years into the training. AND STILL NOTHING!!


So since the start of September 2017 I’ve been doing my research on Glute activation and have implemented them into every single day i have either a Leg or Glute day!


I’ve seen double the improvement of growth in my glutes in the 6 months than the last 3-4 years I’ve worked on them previously. I truly must have had an EXTREMELY LAZY BUTT.

So if you feel like your glutes are stubborn like mine I would definitely give these a try before any workout you do on the lower body. Even when I’m Squatting my PR’s at 90kg, I feel more focused and balanced within the strain of muscles. MAKING GAINS!!

Not only will it help with you muscle gains, but will also decrease chances of injury and decrease poor running form.

Here are a few exercises that you can implement in your glute warms up! A Resistance band will because your best friend, Purchase some its money that you wont regret using!

Your exercises Explained/shown

3/4 Length  Squats ( with resistance bands) 

squat pulse with band3 Sets of 10-12

The Resistance band helps the form of squeezing the hips in whilst keeping your knees out. This type of mentality of squeezing your hips is the road to accessing your activation.

Like a basic Squat but you aren’t going to bring yourself up to the last 1/4 to the thrust.

You can give yourself some weights if you need but they aren’t a must

Keeping your back straight with no arch in the lower back (this can cause injury)

and keeping all the pushing and weight on your knees


3/4 Deadlifts with resistance band

34 deadlift

3 sets of 10-12

I like to Super Set these with the  squats, because it saves time and its easy to transition into. Again, its like a deadlift but you aren’t going to do the last 1/4 of the hip thrust. Keep those legs straight with a slight bent at the knee, really pushing your bum out behind you. Pushing away from the heels.

Hip Thrusts with resistance band

hip thrusts3 sets of 10-12

You can do this with your heels on a platform on flat on the floor! the platform will work a little of hamstrings also. Pushing away with the heels and thrusting up as much as possible! really squeeze at the top and give it the best UGLY BUTT you can giv it.


Cable Deadlifts  

cable deadlifts3 sets of 10-12

These are my absolute favourite because when I squeeze… i can FEEL the SQUEEZE. similar to a deadlift but instead of the weight going down your legs, its going out! plus the cables going to give you a constant resistance. just remember to keep all your weight on your heels and push from the heels and SQUEEZE at the top

Sumo Squats 

3 sets of 10-12 with 10kg dumbell

With legs apart a little bit wider than shoulder width apart. Keeping your back straight angle so that there is no arch in the lower back. Pushing at the heels and squeezing at the top of your thrust.

Glute activation workout summary

  • 3/4 squats  – 3 sets of 10-12 ( with or without dumbbells)

  • 3/4 Deadlifts – 3 sets of 10 – 12 ( with or without dumbbells)

  • Hip Thrusts – 3 sets of 10 – 12 ( with or without platform)

  • Cable Deadlifts – 3 sets of 10-12 (as heavy as you can go)

  • Sumo Squat – 3 sets of 10 -12 ( 10 kg dumbbell)


NOW GO WORK OUT SOME GLUTES and feel the difference in your workout !


Ling x

Untill the next workout, if you want to check all these out they are mostly in this vlog here! Enjoy!







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At Home H.I.I.T Workout

This workout is going to be a High intensity interval Training workout that you can bring anywhere! This Fat burning workout is going to be that loaded gun in your pocket. And you know whats good about HIIT? it’ll will keep burning the fat even when your relaxing yourself in your living room after your workout!

It’s gonna make you sweat.

Its going to make those endorphins pumping. 

It’s going to burn 

More importantly its going to burn fat!

bidy 1.PNGMy body transformation within 2 months along side intuitively tracking my diet. (wasn’t too strict on this.)

Incorporating this HIIT twice a week. along side some cardio and heavy lifting sessions to help maintain my muscles.


body 2.PNG

Its not bad considering I wasn’t really strictly tracking, I lost a bit of fluff from every single part of my body. More importantly I’m comfortable!.




3 Sets of exercises

One minute rest between each.


1st Set of Exercises

leg raises.gif
leg Raises
Sqauts lunges 2
squat into lunge





20secs – 2 x 3/4 Pulsing Squats into 2 lumping lunges

20 Secs — Leg up  raises

20 seconds rest


then rest for 40-60 seconds, move onto next exercises

2nd Set Of Exercsies

frog burpees 2.gif
Frog Jumps
v-ups 2.gif





20secs – Frog Burpees

20 Secs — V-Ups

20 seconds rest


then rest 40-60 seconds, move onto next exercises

3rd set of Exercises

side lunges 2
side lunges





20secs – Side Lunges

20 Secs —  2x Mountain climbs into  spider crawls

20 seconds rest


then rest 40-60 seconds, move onto next exercises

TRY and ADD a SET of your FAVourite workout every week to increase the benefits!

So LETS go get some PERSPIRATION going! get that fat crying!




Here’s a little video for you to see if it real time!

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Baked Healthy Apple Pie

Low in calories, Baked and not fried and packed with flavour.  Just wonderful for those healthy cheats. what more could you want?

I’m extremely excited to share with you these apple baked goodies, they taste  super yummy and to top it off, they are super easy to make! YAY to my #lazycook fever.

They taste almost like your apple pies from Mc Donalds. I am a big lover for those. They just make me weak on the knees, like love at first sight. SORRY GAVIN!

So lets get to it and get some Healthy cheats baking!


4 x Granny smith green apples

An Egg yolk

Cinnamon (optional)

Nutmeg (optional)

Vanilla Extract ( Optional)

Medium sized Spring roll Pastry

sugar for dusting

Spoonful of Syrup

  1. Chop Apples into diced.
  2. Add your cinnamon and  nutmeg. If you don’t put any of these then Vanilla extract would be your your next option
  3. Add a spoonful of syrup and mix all well together.
  4. Placing your pastry diagonally, pop the mixture in the centre, fold the corners in and roll it up like a parcel.
  5.  place parcels on a baking tray with baking paper lined
  6. brush on egg yolk on the top of your parcels.
  7. Mix sugar and cinnamon together in a bowl and dust this on top of the parcels
  8.  pop them in to the oven 15-20 at 190 degrees until they are golden  brown.


There you go! some beautiful healthier cheats to add into your recipe book!

Give them a try, I promise you, you will feel like autumn is just st your doorsteps.

Let’s Bake soon!

Ling x

Check the video out to see how they look!





Kombucha Tea

I’m really excited to share with you guys about this wonderful tea. You’ve probably heard about kombucha drinks going round social media quite a bit and are wondering to yourself, WHAT IS THIS DRINK?

How it all began for me

I’m going to be very honest with you, when My mother came for a visit to Newcastle, she had come bearing this odd mushroom  and told me to brew this tea with the mushroom that would help my digestive system and in turn  help my immune system a little better.

“Mother knows best right?”

So that’s how i started to grow my love for this. I hadn’t a clue of what this was called as my mother  gives me things in Chinese and I just nod and do what she tells me to do.

I grew to love drinking  this thing I was brewing, I was definitely seeing an improvement towards my digestive system and health, but simply just didn’t know the name.

I wanted to share to all my Subscribers this amazing drink as I only share things that work for me.

“I typed into google, mushroom drink to help digestion”

And this is when I found out that this was a IT drink, storming the nation with its fermentation goodies.

What is Kombucha??

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is Made by Scoby (symbiotic colony of bacterial yeast)

to help line the tract of your digestive system to increase the absorption of nutrients into the body.

Its quite an acquired taste. somewhat like sparkling vinegar cider? but if the taste isnt to your liking you can add in your own concoctions into it too.

I usually put in a Vitamin c effervescent in, along with some shloer or just orange juice. 

I’ve always had a really bad digestive system. Could it be due to  my low metabolic rate? unhealthy ? I just don’t know.  But in the past I would literally do a Number 2 maybe once every 3 or 4 days, therefore a poor immune system.

But since having Kombucha tea in my life since July 2017, I rarely get sick now and I do my No 2’s every single day at the same time!

How to make your own Kombucha 

Firstly You will need a Scoby, your mother mushroom to start the fermention. If you don’t have one you can buy one online to start growing your own collection of scoby’s.

  • grow you own scoby, in which you will need to buy an active kombucha drink.
  • or if you know someone who makes their own, ask them to give you one of theirs. as each time you make a brew, a new one forms so they should have one to spare!

Things you will need:

a Glass container


Tea Bags

A Cloth

and string or rubber band.

Every 2L of water will need 1 cup of sugar and 2 teabags.

so depending on the size of your glass container the measurements will vary.

Pop your sugar in the container with your 2 teabags with warm enough water to melt the sugar. Leave the tea bags in to steep until the water gets to room temperature.

Place your Scoby in and place a cloth on top to cover and protect. Don’t put a lid on it as you need your Scoby to be able to breathe to cultivate!

then pop a string or rubber band around it to secure it on.

Leave it in a spot where it is room temp with no sunlight and let it cultivate for around 7-12 days.

ONLY HAVE ONE DRINK PER DAY!  as too much of it will damage your stomach, think of it like a probiotic, too much of it will give you too much bacteria in the system.




Check out the video if you need for a more descriptive view of Kombucha tea!


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Banana Chocolate Muffins

Banana Chocolate muffins!

I have worked super hard to make these as tasty as they can be and finally, I have the perfect ratios and am ready to share with you guys this glorious recipe. As a little healthy but sneaky snack for whenever you are experiencing a craving for something naughty.

I don’t know about you but I get these cravings nearly EVERY single day. So these little bites work wonders for me.




Makes 6 muffins

2 large ripe Bananas (mashed)

1/2 Cup of Coconut Flour

1 Tablespoon of Baking Powder

2 Tablespoons of Light Butter

2 Eggs

Handful of Dark chocolate Drops.


Just simply put all the ingredients in one bowl and mix them all together until all mixed without any clumps.

You can pop some more drops on top of the muffins if you like, Your choice.

Bake at 175 degrees. for 25-30 minutes


I hope you enjoy these delightful treats! Coconut flour may be a hard ingredient to cook with but its extremely good for the body and a much better option that flour as its high in fibre and protein!

So if you’re one to count macros, this will be slightly higher in your Fat intake. but great for the body.

diets, fitness, food


A page dedicated to help you on your way on how you decide to eat for your fitness/health goals.

Whether your goal is to be healthy or to lose some weight, 80 per cent of this is all due to how and what you eat!

Not only does tracking your macros help you either gain/maintain or even shed weight.  But its all about what you put into your body too! Fit calories into your day that are healthy for your body. It feels good to look good but its feels even more amazing to feel healthy and fit in the inside too!

“Heading to the gym is important but what you put into your body is whats going to be the game changer!”

If you don’t know already I LOVE my food, so making healthy food taste  delicious is extremely hard but invigorating as i love experimenting.

I’m here to share with you what i create, that passes the standards to my palette.

LET’S GET INSPIRING to get a healthier mindset towards food and aiming to achieve a new recipe every week!

If you have time, take a little look into this video on talking about eating healthy, whether it’ll  help you lose weight or not, AS this can be misconstrued a lot of the times depending on what your goals are.