Kombucha Tea

I’m really excited to share with you guys about this wonderful tea. You’ve probably heard about kombucha drinks going round social media quite a bit and are wondering to yourself, WHAT IS THIS DRINK?

How it all began for me

I’m going to be very honest with you, when My mother came for a visit to Newcastle, she had come bearing this odd mushroom  and told me to brew this tea with the mushroom that would help my digestive system and in turn  help my immune system a little better.

“Mother knows best right?”

So that’s how i started to grow my love for this. I hadn’t a clue of what this was called as my mother  gives me things in Chinese and I just nod and do what she tells me to do.

I grew to love drinking  this thing I was brewing, I was definitely seeing an improvement towards my digestive system and health, but simply just didn’t know the name.

I wanted to share to all my Subscribers this amazing drink as I only share things that work for me.

“I typed into google, mushroom drink to help digestion”

And this is when I found out that this was a IT drink, storming the nation with its fermentation goodies.

What is Kombucha??

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is Made by Scoby (symbiotic colony of bacterial yeast)

to help line the tract of your digestive system to increase the absorption of nutrients into the body.

Its quite an acquired taste. somewhat like sparkling vinegar cider? but if the taste isnt to your liking you can add in your own concoctions into it too.

I usually put in a Vitamin c effervescent in, along with some shloer or just orange juice. 

I’ve always had a really bad digestive system. Could it be due to  my low metabolic rate? unhealthy ? I just don’t know.  But in the past I would literally do a Number 2 maybe once every 3 or 4 days, therefore a poor immune system.

But since having Kombucha tea in my life since July 2017, I rarely get sick now and I do my No 2’s every single day at the same time!

How to make your own Kombucha 

Firstly You will need a Scoby, your mother mushroom to start the fermention. If you don’t have one you can buy one online to start growing your own collection of scoby’s.

  • grow you own scoby, in which you will need to buy an active kombucha drink.
  • or if you know someone who makes their own, ask them to give you one of theirs. as each time you make a brew, a new one forms so they should have one to spare!

Things you will need:

a Glass container


Tea Bags

A Cloth

and string or rubber band.

Every 2L of water will need 1 cup of sugar and 2 teabags.

so depending on the size of your glass container the measurements will vary.

Pop your sugar in the container with your 2 teabags with warm enough water to melt the sugar. Leave the tea bags in to steep until the water gets to room temperature.

Place your Scoby in and place a cloth on top to cover and protect. Don’t put a lid on it as you need your Scoby to be able to breathe to cultivate!

then pop a string or rubber band around it to secure it on.

Leave it in a spot where it is room temp with no sunlight and let it cultivate for around 7-12 days.

ONLY HAVE ONE DRINK PER DAY!  as too much of it will damage your stomach, think of it like a probiotic, too much of it will give you too much bacteria in the system.




Check out the video if you need for a more descriptive view of Kombucha tea!



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