Inspire, Perspire and Success?


There are three words that I like to follow in life and that is to INSPIRE, PERSPIRE and SUCCESS. Its helps mentally at the gym!

I’m a fitness fanatic! what can I say.

I’m at a stage where I’m stuck in a faze, where I’m not making any more gains with my body, so I’ve decided to record my journey for whoever is reading to take look,  comment and also give me hints as to anything I’m doing wrong or even right? There’s always room for improvement right?

lifting weights, flexible dieting and just leading a more positive life has led me  closer to my desired goals in life.

My Journey so far! ( long story cut short)

I’ve always been quite into my sports, although when the age of 18 came, alcohol became my best friend and enemy. For 5 years I was a party animal not caring about my body at all! I always thought I had body features that weren’t considered as fat but when the alcohol stage hit in, I  had gained ALOT of weight!  I was  130IBS for 5ft, the heaviest id ever been! I wasn’t happy with myself at all.

My life finally took a change when a special someone came into my life. he changed my perspective towards, not only my body, but my health and life as well!

He showed me the fitness life, the life of MACROs, Flexible dieting, weight lifting and also the feeling of self success.

I was a weight of 130ibs  and I had lost weight to 120-119ibs. For a while my weight didn’t budge because of the lack of discipline I had  with my food. (I JUST LOVE FOOD) dont you?. I decided to make a decision, to buy an online fitness package with my fitness idol, Nikki Blackketter.  It was the best decision I had ever made. She changed my perspective towards everything, and really pushed my limits, I loved it. She made reach a goal of 114ibs within 2 months which may not be alot but it made me look at myself in a totally different perspective…healthier, and a more positive view in what I can achieve with my body.

So here I am now, 23, 113ibs, wanting to reach 105ibs and wanting to further inspire people to lead a healthier lifestyle. So far, I’ve made my little sister and mum head to the gym with me 5 days a week, Its so rewarding when they say they feel like they have either lost weight or feel healthier.


If you’re here reading this, I would LOVE to hear your journeys, experiences with the gym, health  and diets. lets inspire further and I’ll post  day to day workouts and meals.

Who inspires you?  Who changed you for better?

Who have you inspired?

Do you have an obsession with food too?  what’s your favourite guilty pleasure?

Tell me all!

LinstaImage_22et’s INSPIRE to PERSPIRE and get some bloody  SUCCESS out of it!




Love Ling


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