My life of crazy diets

From experience, I’ve tried a lot of diets for the age I’m at. I’ve had some extremely horrible decisions before, which sometimes led to bad outcomes. All for a desired skinny figure.

What influenced me to want to be skinny?

I come from an Asian background. The very stereotypical view of an Asians’  weight for a 5 ft girl was 100 Ibs, This was the only weight to be considered as skinny and healthy. (Well that’s what everyone has always told me since I was 15)  Puberty hit very early and I knew at 16 I wasn’t going to be growing any more. I was always at a weight of 110-115 Ibs. Always being ridiculed for being overweight or not skinny. Thinking back to it now, I took a lot of comments to heart and really shouldn’t have thought much of it but my personality made me over think these comments.

What did I do ?

Slimming tea?

CAM01186Like any other teenager, I wanted results quick and easy. I LOVED food, so i didn’t want to lose it. My mindset was to find the easiest way possible. This led me into taking a chinese slimming tea that was advertised to guarantee results. It didn’t work. It just made me, ‘sh** like crazy.’

Diet pills?

When this didn’t work, I went to do some online research. I found some weight loss pills which had acai berry as a main ingredient ( this was the craving ingredient towards weight-loss at the time.) I had found a site which promoted the first months batch free. As the month passed on this pill, I started to eat less and also feel like I was losing weight. This continued until I ended up in hospital because of constant cramps. This was due to my stomach being too out of balance the pills contents had corroded my stomach lining slightly, I was extremely lucky that it didn’t get any worse. Pills were not the answer

Dukan diet?

2 years later, the Dukan diet was starting to gain its fame in the weight-loss industry. So I decided to check it out. Cut out carbohydrates (carbs) and 20 minutes minimum exercise everyday was the basics of it. It was amazing!  I had lost 10 Ib’s within a week, eating plain chicken everyday was not what I favoured, so when I finally started bring the carbs back into my life, my weight immediately bounced back to where it was maybe more than what it originally was to begin with.

Maybe detox? exercise?

I’m not a big believer in detox because of the knowledge I’ve gained throughout the years but I definitely thought it worked 2 years ago!  Flavoured water, healthy eating and exercise  (constant cardio sessions) this made me see results healthily. I finally looked healthy and skinny, my desired look! It didn’t last long. I went on holiday, ate whatever I wanted, fell in love and started to neglect the gym. I gained weight to a crazy 130 Ib (the heaviest I had ever been!)

Flexible dieting and weightlifting?

Finally I was introduced to Flexible dieting and weightlifting. It’s the best thing that’s happened to me. I’m now a healthy 113-112 Ib and still maintaining it. The diet was perfect too. Counting macros gave me room to eat whatever I wanted to, as long as it fitted my allowance of the day, hence flexible dieting. It’s great!

Lesson learnt?

NEVER buy online pills no matter how amazing the media has made it to look, no matter how desperate or skint you are. It may work short-term but always think about what you are putting into your body, i was young, stupid and gullible.  With diets such as the Dukan, Achkens. No matter what, these diets work, but are life long commitments if you don’t think you can either cut carbs, meat or even eat healthy long-term then don’t do it because it will get you back fast. Research into your desired diets before you try anything.  If you’re a food lover like myself, I genuinely recommend flexible dieting and counting macros.

Why I lift weights? 

Remember !!!  

UsHn3 Having muscles whether big or small, muscular or toned. Muscle is muscle. Muscle burns fat. Cardio training can also burn fat but when you’re not on that machine you’re not burning fat. muscles boost your metabolism up. Therefore when you’re lazing around all day, your burning calories. (Well that’s the basics towards it).

I can’t stress how much that, ‘Yes, cardio will help you lose weight and burn fat because don’t get me wrong I still do cardio 5 times a week because I’m trying to lose weight,’ but you need  that muscle to keep that fat burning process, so your hard work isn’t gone to waste when you decrease your cardio sessions.  (what happened to me before)

So far this knowledge has gotten me closer to my goals

P.s… The view ‘ you should be 100 Ib’s if your 5 ft is considered overweight if you are not Is total bu******.




‘I’m over 100 Ib’s loving life and FOOD!’

Share your thoughts? have you had any experiences with crazy diets? what’s yours now? does it work?



If you’re interested here is a video of my journey so far! an updated version to how I got here today and what i learnt along the way!


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