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Slow cooked Tomato Chicken

chicken dish.PNGThis Recipe is the most handy for me when it comes to prepping and just me being plain lazy to cook, as when I do make it. I make a big batch, and it will almost last me for the next 4 days! Instead of me having to think about what to eat all the time, all i have to do is just pop it in the microwave and add some veggies or mash and VOILA!!

Going to be VERY honest with yous, but I’m not a big fan of Chicken anymore, as ever since my early days of dieting, I literally ate Chicken EVERY SINGLE DAY. It has put me off it just a little. It’s a shame really because Chicken is actually the best source of protein to get in you!.  This recipe has got me loving it again! When it comes to my foods, the only way for me to stick my diet is if the meal is well flavoured, juicy and easy to make #LAZYCOOK.

Super Easy to make and amazing for those on a Low carb diet, and If you aren’t low carb you can just choose to add some good sources of Carbs to pair with this chicken dish.

Tomato Chicken Recipe!

With this, you will need a slow cooker! If you don’t have one just pop into Asda and get a cheap one for £14. Its definitely Worth the money, if your going to be making some healthy eating gains.


4 Chicken Breasts

One jar of tomato  pasta sauce. (Asda’s good and counted is great as its low in fat and carbs)

One Cube of beef stock

finely sliced Onions

Finely Sliced Mushrooms

Spinach ( as mush as your heart desires)




 1 Tbsp Korean Hot pepper paste ( if you want it with a kick)

Super simple to cook!

Just plonk everything into the slow cooker, with the chicken at the bottom, season with salt and pepper.

add everything else in

then add water into the pot till its full!

pop it into low heat for either 8 hours or medium heat for 3 – 4 hrs


I personally find that the low heat for 8-10 hrs is the beast for that chicken to literally melt. But it is your choice!

Great for those who are thinking about shedding some fluff on some areas of their body as summer is just around the corner.


Enjoy guys!